7 in 10


Girls believe that they aren’t good enough. www.dosomething.org


Our Goal


is to change the statistics and create a sisterhood where teen girls feel heard, understood, and confident in who they are, who they are becoming, and who they’re meant to be. We promote self -love, empowerment, and character building in teen girls. Our goal is to have a world full of Confident, Self-loving, Girl Empowering individuals.  


Our Programs



Our core program: Girl Empowerment Movement (G.E.M.) is a (10) month leadership development program which meets monthly on Saturdays for (4) hours. The empowerment curriculum format includes:

  • Hour one:“Hey Girl” sister circle

  • Hour two and three: Civic engagement activity

  • Hour four: 3-minute Elevator Speech Coaching

Our Target Goals

Our annual Young & Be.U.tiful Teen Girl Empowerment Seminar is a two day symposiums that introduces girls to activities centered around self love, Gods love, and Girl Empowerment.



participants will report an increase in knowledge and skills (e.g. goal-setting and planning) and have access to resources that help them achieve self love, Gods love, and Girl Empowerment.


of participants will increase their ability to take on leadership roles in a community building context.


of participants will apply critical thinking and social justice principles


participants will develop comfort and skills with public speaking