I L.O.V.E ME envisions a world where all teen girls take life on with confidence, character, and strength through having self love, God’s love, and girl empowerment in the areas of Physical & Mental Wellness, Financial Education, and Social & Self Awareness. We envision teen girls that enjoy civic engagement and social change and development, that want to make a difference in the world in a positive way because they now have the tools to do so. We provide a safe environment where girls can dream, be their true selves, no matter their ethnicity, culture, sexuality, etc.



Testimony from a previous Young & Be.U.tiful Teen Girl Empowerment Seminar participant and recipient of the Carla L. Jordan Scholarship.

MyIsha I just wanted to send another special thank you out to you , you have really touched my life in so many ways and talking to you about my past has really helped me feel better through out the entire day.

I couldn’t have done it without you and I know that God has wonderful plans for your life you are truly an amazing, powerful, and beautiful black woman and although I just met you I have developed a love for you as if you was my mother and you helped me to look at life different and gain more love for myself and I just want to say I thank you , I thank you , I thank you.” - Kaniesha S., McCluer North