Our Programs

G.E.M. (Girl Empowerment Movement)

G.E.M., is a (10) month leadership development program which meets monthly on Saturdays for four (4) hours. The empowerment curriculum format includes:

  • Hour One: “Hey Girl” sisterhood circle. The circle allows young women to connect with one another and allow each other to actively explore and learn from each other’s backgrounds and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Every other month, women mentors from the community will join the girls in the circle to empower, inspire and educate them about self love and much more!

  • Hours two and three: Young women engage in community service and/or civic engagement activities. For example, GEM participants will engage in civic engagement activities relating to 2020 Census. GEM participants will hosts workshops to develop solutions to census challenges in their areas. This is one example of the activities the girls will participate in.

  • Hour four: The girls focus on crafting their 3 minute PSA speech on self love. Girls are paired with a communications coach to guide them in crafting their PSA speech: The coaching consists of:

    • How to develop their natural language

    • Narrative structure

    • Using their voices for a powerful delivery.

      The speeches will be videotaped and presented at the annual, Young & Be.U.tiful Teen Girl Empowerment Seminar. Each girl will receive a stipend or education award for the Seminar. Select graduating seniors will also receive scholarships for colleges of their choice.


The annual Young & Be.U.tiful Teen Girl Empowerment Seminar is a two day empowerment and leadership Summit to include the Carla L. Jordan Scholarship dinner at the end of day two. The scholarship dinner showcases, GEM participants “Hey Girl” Video which promotes self love and girl empowerment.

Girls will go through a selection process, where a limited amount of girls will be chosen.

Day 1: The girls will participate in an array of sessions filled with activities, open discussions, and breakthroughs centered around Self Love, Gods love, and Girl Empowerment. Sessions will include but are not limited to activities such as: Zumba, Crowning your sister, self love letters, etc. We will end with an interactive panel of speakers from young teen girl entrepreneurs to women leaders in the community, who will speak on their journeys.

Day 2: The girls along with their families will enjoy a beautiful dinner. Teen girl participants will show their 3-minute PSA speech videos and three participating graduating seniors will be awarded a scholarship. We will have guest speaker(s), affirmation activities, and much more.

The girls will also receive free makeovers for the big day and certificates of completion.

*The seminar is free of charge for the girls and all materials, food, and beverages are included.

You can help us continue this program by donating or sponsoring a girl today.

Our approach to leadership development 

  • Access:

    We provide access to resources such as mentorship, leadership skill building, learning exercises, and a safe sisterhood.

  • Engaged mentorship:

    A rich sense of community grows as adult women mentors participate in program activities alongside young women. Mentors model positive risk-taking and a willingness to be transformed.

  • Finding her voice:

    Young women develop confident self-expression and mutual understanding through creative community service projects, trainings, and social change activities. Youth learn to speak about

  • Intergenerational and intercultural understanding:

    I Love Me activities unfold in a supportive community of girls and women from many countries and cultures. We actively explore and learn from each other’s backgrounds and experiences.

  • Healing:

    Participants cultivate physical and emotional well-being and resiliency through sisterhood circle. In the circle, we work to understand and address individual and collective trauma. Within I Love Me community of belonging, young women find their voices, explore possibilities, and emerge as vibrant agents of change in their community.